Our club members and their dogs

SCSA members pride themselves on training and titling well-rounded canines of ALL breeds. While IPO (Schutzhund) is our primary focus, many of our members train and title in various other venues. Our handlers are dedicated to their dogs and most of them have HOT (Handler, Owner, Trainer) dogs. Some of the dogs listed under members are retired but deserve the recognition. Most of the members are actively training 1-2 dogs at a time.

Board Members



Kathy Vasquez

*Xiva von der Konigsgardeva (GSD) BH CGC




Vice President

Tanya Yost

*SG Quake von Felsschlucht Bach (GSD) IPO3

*C-Kyra von Sidener (GSD) BH CGC

Iggy vom Sudenblick (GSD) BH

*VP UKC Int'l CH Kraken vom Sudenblick (GSD) BH CGCA CGCU

*UKC CH Cudo vom Sudenblick (GSD) BH AD CGCA CGCU

*Nightshadow Jade (ROTT)

Protection Director

Ricardo Vasquez

Baxa Z Golha (GSD) BH

*Caira vom Goldblum (GSD) BH

*VP Harley van Meerhout (GSD) BH CGC


Kathy Poppe

*Envy von der Leidenschaft (GSCN) BH NAJ NA OAJ OA NF CGC

*Gustavus von der Leidenschaft (GSCN) BH AD IPO-VO CA NAJ CGC

*Houston von Elberfeld (GSCN) IPO3 AD FH CD TKI CGC

*Austin vom Elberfeld (GSCN)

Club members

Krystina Büser

*VP Aegon vom Darzo Büserhaus CGCA CGCU TKN (GSD)

*Scraps Soarin Above the Rest 'Gryphon' BH OB1 DJ RA CGCA CGCU TKN (AUS)

Int'l CH SG Absolut Zyvah vom Büserhaus BH AD (GSD)

*Heavensent a Burning 'Phoenix' APR2, CD, RA, CGC (AUS)

Diana Büser

*G1 Zelda vom Renaissance, IPO3, FH1, CGC (GSD)

SG1 L’Meister vom Germelhaus, IGP1 (GSD)

*U-Ch/Int’l Ch Wildfire’s Go Go Gadget BH, RN, DN, CGC

AKC pointed (GOLDEN)

*G1 Axyna vom Darzo-Büserhaus (GSD)

Nick Smith

Bolo vom Hirsch Bach, BH, FH, OB1, PS1, CGC (GSD)

Drager vom Hirsch Bach​ (GSD)

Luann and Ted Stephenson

VA3 Anadja vom Mittelwest IPO2 KKL Lbz (GSD)

V Margit vom Mittelwest IPO 3 KKL (GSD)

Luke vom Mittelwest (GSD)

Sandra Seidel

*Rollo (GSD) APR1

Edward Popp

Wolfgang Von Windtanz (GSD)

Stephanie Clark



Brooke Saldana

*Bruno vom Sudenblick (GSD) DN DJA CGCA CGCU

*Suri vom Sudenblick (GSD) 

Terri White

*Int’l, UKC,AKC, Multi V1, ARC ROM, CH Parabellums Big BangV Goldshield (ROTT) multi HIT, CDX, RE, RAT1, CGC, UKC Total Dog , MN, EV, EC,UJJ, BH, Mondioring OBJ1

Vader (GSD) BH

*Copperloch’s Snap Shot (DUTS)

Timothy Earle

*Q-Dog vom Earle (GSD) BH

*Kitana v Bora (GSD)

Harvey Thomas

*Polo Vom Haus Tyson (GSD)

Ann Putegnat

Elsie Vom Hahenenkamp (GSD) CD SchH2 ,

Freddie (MAL) CDX SchH3 IPO1

Haddock du Ciel Rouge (MAL) Sch1 MR1 FR1 UD RN,

Edoc du Ciel Rouge, MR3, BH

N’ Ignacio du Ciel Rouge, MR3, BH

Orca du Ciel Rouge, MR 1, BH

O Que Bonita BH

*Burton du Loup du Soleil (MAL) BH NADDA MR3

*Kestra du Clos D’Ypsi (MAL) BH MR3

*Go Pancho Villa 16130 (MAL) BH MR1

*H.O.T (Handler, Owner, Trainer)

Please Notice:  We are a club of experienced trainers that are dedicated to our sports and our dogs. We are NOT paid professional trainers and will not tolerate members who participate ONLY in protection. If you are interested in personal protection, we can help direct you to someone who can assist you.

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